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Zohor Art Creation Center

Idea maker and the first manufacturer of backlight photo frame

Zohor Art Creation Center is the first manufacturer of night frame frames in the country, which has started its work since 2012. Our presence in various exhibitions across the country shows our commitment to present our products to all our dear compatriots.

Our sleeping night frames have been able to attract the attention of most customers due to their different colors and themes. Our frames are produced in all kinds of fantasy, painting, romantic, religious, nature, drama, child and ............. Due to the use of LEDs in the lighting of this type of frame, their life will be very long

Zohor backlight boards simply bring your environment out of monotony and bring an attractive environment for you, your family, friends and colleagues. Contact us for purchasing and consulting. Our partners are always ready to respond to you, dear customers.

Three-step optical frame Backlight police car frame
purchase steps

Sleeping night led frame


1 Order

You can register your order through the site, Instagram, WhatsApp
It is also possible to sell in person for the city of Isfahan


If your order is available, it will be transferred from the warehouse to send to the company. If there is no stock, it will be produced for you within 5 to 7 working days.


Your order will be delivered to you by post within 3 to 7 working days
Of course, if you are in a hurry, sending with Tipax is also possible for 1 working day

Home decoration

Used as a bedside lamp and home decoration due to its beauty and luxury

Modeling photography

Suitable for bride and groom and modeling photographers as an alternative to photo printing on the chassis

Gifts with custom photos

Suitable for giving gifts such as wedding anniversaries and birthdays and starting a new business, etc., especially by printing our favorite photo and special lighting Suitable for introducing your company logo


Used as advertising frames and product displays in offices, workplaces, building corridors, exhibitions, cinemas, subways, shopping malls, restaurants and coffee shops, game nets, companies, airports and passenger terminals.

And various uses as a luxury product for decoration and advertising

If you have a question, this is probably the answer


Bed frames are decorative paintings with LEDs behind them. The frames are printed on canvas fabric and the frame material is pvc. The power supply is supplied by the city electricity or batteries.

Due to the fact that the paintings are produced in different sizes and with different frames and fabrics, you should contact us through one of the communication channels to receive the price list.
Connect with us via WhatsApp 09135340160

One of the services of the Zohor brand is to produce a custom design with a custom photo and use several models of frames in different colors. Sample custom designs can be found on the specialized Zohor custom frames page on Instagram at _tablo_luxury@ look Just send us your favorite photo to be produced as soon as possible. As well as the main Instagram of the Zohor frame brand to the address zohorr.ir@ look

The frames work with both direct city electricity and 2 AA batteries, are installed inside the adapter frame and have a switch on and off in front of the frame.

Yes, we have different frames that you can choose according to your taste and design.
through WhatsApp (09135340160) Contact us to have the frame models sent to you.

We have over 1000 designs in our album that you can choose whichever you want. All kinds of landscapes, faces, streets, paintings, animals, buildings, historical monuments, cars, motos, romantic images, etc. are included in the album.

We have prepared an album of our designs that you can see all the designs in the album. Click on the link below. Download the album Night Sleep Frame Designs

Yes, the sleeping frame will be sent to you with a 36-month warranty card that includes a solid color and electricity warranty.

The warranty on the frames includes electricity and paint, the color of the print and the frames are fixed, meaning that they can be washed even with Vitex. Non-original works fade after 6 months and eventually disappear completely.

Backlight frames or light frames have many uses, including use as decoration, advertising, bedtime, etc.

Different frame sizes
Tablo Zohor
Order registration steps

Custom illuminated picture frame


Send Photo

To create a custom frame with your favorite photo, you must first file your photo as a WhatsApp number 09035438672 Send


Approve the plan

The quality and resolution of the submitted image in relation to the size of your choice will be checked by the designer of the Zohor office collection and the result will be announced to you.


Request editing and production

If you have a request for Photoshop on the photo, such as changing the background, writing text, retouching the face, etc., the designer will do it and you will be notified of the cost.

Backlit zohor Signage Photo Display


Experience and knowledge base

Experience and knowledge as well as the use of renowned experts in various fields such as printing and design industry, textile and profile production using superior devices is the most important feature of our brand / our brand operates under the name Zohor.

Original and quality printing

The printing of our products is very high quality and even washable with detergent Non-original prints start to fade after a few months (be careful when buying original goods)

Use with direct city electricity or batteries

Our products can use direct electricity or use with AAA batteries (all frames include both modes) The power converter used in our night frame is very high quality and its failure rate is very low, which includes a 36-month warranty on our product.

Printing on canvas quality fabric

The type of fabric used in the frames is high quality canvas fabric that can preserve the color of the images well. It can also be produced with Chanel and velvet fabrics

Extremely long life and 36 months warranty

Due to the use of LED in the lighting of this type of frames as well as advanced printing, their life will be very long. We are also at your service in case of any damage or defect up to 36 months warranty

Ease of installation and shutdown

The on / off button on the front of our optical frames is easy to use and has also been added to the frame to mount the back clip.

A good job requires a professional team

Some members of our team

Founder and CEO

Mehdi PourAgakhani

Founder and CEO
Marketing Director

Alireza Karami

Marketing Director
Sales Manager

Negar Rostami

Sales Manager
Designer and graphic designer

Negar Motahhari

Designer and graphic designer
National production, specialized force

National production is not an easy task, But the country needs Creates employment Currency savings come with it

Zohor collection with experienced staff and world-class facilities is offering high quality products to our dear customers

Our products are being exported to neighboring countries and Europe, because a young and innovative force is producing them

Photo of specialized forces illuminated poster frames
Joker frame

light frame photo are a luxury decoration

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Latest News


Zohor Art Creation Center, as the creator of the idea and the first producer of quality bed frames with a 3-year warranty and a 7-year history of producing and distributing frames in bulk and single, sells in the fall. This is a great opportunity to have a great job and even a second job. We sell frames at wholesale prices to you dear ones Frames are mainly sold at a much lower price than single frames so that you, dear ones, can start a profitable business for yourself and earn a lot of money by selling these frames .......

Our job is to produce sleeping frames, how familiar are you with backlight frames known as sleeping frames? Have you ever seen it? Do you know what? You may know it by other names, such as: Sleeping night frame Backlight frame Three-dimensional frame Optical frame Blacklight frame Illuminated frame Electric frame Sleep lamp frame Illuminated frame Luminous frame Night view frame And .... Our frames with different names that I said may have been heard or seen by them. I want to fully acquaint you with the frame of dreams and give you a complete explanation ....

One of these categories is the painting category. By painting we mean that the designs are similar to the paintings, but these designs are printed on the fabric like any other design. Painting designs are very beautiful and relaxing works and multiply the charm of your decoration. You can use drawing designs in different environments, including: home decoration Adult bedroom religious places offices Types of work environment ...

Special frames with

Amazing features

High quality pvc frame

Original printing on canvas cloth

Use of LED (low consumption and without damage or burning)

Power supply from the city electricity and battery

Wall hanger

Best quality guarantee with print and burn guarantee